Youths urged to make a mind shift to become more relevant in the digital age

Nigerian youths have been encouraged to start to have a change of mindset in order to become more active participants in a rapidly evolving and digitized world and global economy.

This was the crux of the youth event tagged ‘Intelligence is Sexy’ organised by Mariam Mohammed, CEO of Maktoub Media.

The event, which also marked the birthday of the notable political PR expert, held on December 7 in Abuja with over 150 randomly selected youths in attendance. It was an evening of conversations featuring short and interactive seminars on various informative topics by 5 selected speakers, a dinner party, round table conversations – among others.

According to Mariam, the concept of ‘Intelligence is Sexy’ was created in the hope to promote and get the Nigerian youth population to embrace and find appeal in the ideals of hardwork and intellectualism, rather than materialism and the get-rich-quick syndrome.

Speaking at the end of the event, Mariam told newsmen she’s often worried that the youths seem to find the social media space as an avenue for sex and body gratification, fake lifestyles and other negative trends.

She added that: “My hope with the event, which would be annual and expanded, is that Nigerian youths will be re-orientated to rather find fun and attractiveness in being smart and once see Intelligence as ‘sexy’ and desirable.”

Also airing her views , one of the speakers, Dr. Aadeze Oreh said, “the event conversations are centred around social media, peer pressure, finding balance in life, and mental health which is an issue we are facing in Nigeria.”

On his part, popular social media influencer, Abayomi Oyalowo (‘The Godfather’) empathized that without requisite intelligence, people get limited with their goals or ambitions. He cited the case of globally-known celebrity Kim Kardashian, who has now enrolled for a law degree in spite of all her wealth and fame.

Also speaking, Isaac Okoroafor said the youth age, approximately between 18 and 35 years, is the ideal time to acquire all the skills and education to prepare for the life one dreams about. He said this will help the average youth to “begin to live an adult life that is driven by purpose and lead you to self fulfillment.”

Olajumoke Abayomi said the social media life has deceived many people to think it’s all about selling your looks,body and similar things. She lauded the idea behind the event because “it is bringing us back to the norm and how things were back in the days when people relied on the ideals of hardwork, diligence and gain and sustain success.”

Mariam Mohammed promises that the event, which will become annual, will be expanded, bigger and accommodate more people next year – with a projection of 500 to 1000 participants with a sponsor to host.

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