Your Public Holiday Can Be More Fun With These Interesting Activities


Public holidays are a great time for most people as you have the time to do certain things that can’t be done on workdays.

With the coming holidays on Monday, November 11, there are lots of activities that would make the time worth the while. If you’re still in the space of wondering what to do on the upcoming holiday, we got you covered.

Below is the list of fun activities you can jump on during public holidays.

1. Family time

Family time

You must have heard the saying, “family is everything”. This is an opportunity to put that statement to good use. With the hustle and bustle in Nigeria, it’s becoming hard to spend time with the family. This holiday is another opportunity to rekindle love by spending quality time with your friends and loved ones.

2. Live your best life


All holiday period should have a party or hangout time included in it. If you have had a place in mind before now, it’s time to go there. Some of the places you can hang out are the cinema, beach, parks, resorts and many more.

3. Catch up


The public holiday is another time to catch up on your favorite series and shows that you couldn’t keep up with during the week and other workdays. All you need is a bowl of popcorn and you’re good to go

4. Visit old friends



If you have that friend that has been complaining about your availability, the holiday is an opportunity to visit them and catch up on all those pending gists.

5. Try new recipes


For the food lovers, you can try some of those new recipes you’ve been seeing on the internet. Since it’s a free day, you have all the time in the world to experiment. Just ensure you get the ingredients the weekend before the holiday.

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