‘Your Excellency’ is a bunch of Instagram skits, not a movie

Everyday, at least ten of the millions of online content creators upload videos to make you laugh. It is silly and has no direction but the audience do not mind because it is meant to be laughable. It is just there to entertain and it is freely available on the internet.

No one wants the same lack of depth for a movie they have paid to watch. That conviction is shaken when ‘Your Excellency’ rolls onto the cinema screen. In the opening scene, we see this couple, jolly and sweet preparing to begin their day.

The Ajadis played by Funke Akindele-Bello (Kemi Ajadi) and Akin Lewis (Lekan Ajadi) know how to have fun and with the comedic duo, the film sets off. Mr Ajadi is a wealthy politician obsessed with Donald Trump. He is contesting in the presidential elections for the third time…

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