You Can Not Follow Crass And Expect Class


Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri in his daily nugget has taken to social media to share his thoughts on why many people are poor.

Using the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, as an example, Reno stated that he reads to continue to improve himself and despite being the richest man, has barely 1 million followers on social media.

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Reno then went on to say many people would rather not follow people like Bezos, rather they would pitch their tents with celebrities who have nothing to offer them intellectually. He then used Naira Marley as an example saying the ‘soapy’ singer has millions of followers.

Naira Marley made massive news following the release of his song ‘Soapy’ which dealt with masturbation in prisons.

Read Reno’s thoughts below;

“Do you want to know why people are poor? @JeffBezos was the world’s richest man for much of this year. He posts about books he read and habits that propelled him to wealth. Yet, he has 1.2 million followers. Meanwhile, some thug rapper who calls women a bad name for a female dog has over 10 million! The ‘soapy’ singer has 2.4 million, and an expert in bleaching and cosmetic surgery has twice Jeff Bezos’ following. You can’t be following CRASS and expect to attract CLASS. Christ said ‘follow Me and I will make you’-Matthew 4:19 The people you follow make you what you are.”

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