World HIV Day: CBD Oil as new level option?

Last Sunday was  World HIV Day.The drum  and the red carpet were  rolled out for antiretroviral medicine and all that bring so little or no real cheer. No meaningful attention was given  to CBD Oil, which is turning out to be the plant medicine of the  century. Yet, about 70% of the population of the United States  is now reported to be seeking cover under it for all kinds of health  challenges, including even the side effect of antiretroviral drugs.

HIV disease is no longer as  dreadful as it was about two decades ago but its wings are still flapping and growing. Next year, Nigeria will spend more money on free anti-retroviral drugs and add 50,000 more  HIV-challenged persons to the free care HIV budget. If HIV is more dreaful than cancer today,many people would not be kissing as  carelessly as they still do or landing in bed, unprotected. I doubt if my friends in our university days even remember today their bedroom slogans of the 1970s… “one before and  after”,…

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