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The likes of Uber and Airbnb ushered in the era of on-demand marketplaces in the last decade. Hardly a quarter went by without hearing of some new ‘Uber for X’ platform, at least in the US and other developed countries.

On-demand marketplaces made the sharing economy thrive. An economic model for peer-to-peer-based activities, the sharing economy all0wed people to monetise their time for specific tasks or services. These marketplaces also automated the matching of supply and demand, as well as pricing.

Despite the many benefits the sharing and gig economy allow, workers usually find what they do one-dimensional, prioritising consistency and efficiency over individuality.

Enter the passion economy, a model that allows individuals to monetise their skills.


Selar: an eCommerce platform for creatives and entrepreneurs

Digital platforms that employ the passion economy model like YouTube, Substack, and OnlyFans highlight the user’s individuality. These platforms can be very niche, though, leaving a variety of content uncatered for.

In the…

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