Witchcraft conference: Postscript – The Nation Newspaper

WAS there real justification for the controversy that threatened the recent International Conference on Witchcraft organized by the University Of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN? Or were the prejudices that led to its stigmatization by some Christian groups, part of the contradictions the conference was set to confront?

These questions are raised because of issues bandied before the conference; issues that led to the replacement of its original theme and the withdrawal of the Keynote Speaker. But for this thematic change, the conference may not have seen the light of the day given the negative meanings and coloration assigned to that intellectual harvest by some protesting groups.

What were the issues? The Prof. B.I.C Ijomah Center for Policy Studies and Research, UNN had slated an International Conference on Witchcraft with the title, “Witchcraft: meanings, factors, and practices”. But as soon as it was unveiled, there arose strident outcries from some Christian groups and students of the…

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