Will Nigerians be poorer in 2020?

Smarting from the bitter pills served in the outgoing year in different facets of life, many Nigerians desire a big break and look forward to a very prosperous year in 2020. But virtually all the indices from governance, fiscal, monetary policies, to mention just a few show things do not bode well for the economy. Ibrahim Apekhade Yusuf and Charles Okonji examine the issues

For Azubuike Okoro, a middle age man who lost his job at one of the new generation banks years ago and now works shifts at a printing press in uptown district in Somolu, Lagos, year 2019 was to say, the least, a mixed bag of sorrows and misfortunes. He began the year on a sore note, as he lost his lifesavings which he had been keeping to offset his kids’ fees to some phony business schemes. While he was still trying to wriggle out of that ugly situation, he lost his aged mother who was depending on him for sustenance just as his landlord gave him eviction notice as he owed arrears in rents. He searched…

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