Will deployment of troops quell or escalate #EndSARS protests?

For the #EndSARS protests rocking several Nigerian cities, one sentence that has been on the lips of many is: “We’ve never seen a thing like this!”

Really, the current protests against police brutality are uniquely different from any other ever held in the country.

The protests, as noted by a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, bridge “the usual ethnic and religious boundaries” in Nigeria.

The protesters have exhibited rock-solid resolve that has seen them resist provocations, from police officers and thugs, which would have turned the peaceful protests into violence and ultimately defeat the aims – which is to put an end to decades of police brutality and bad governance in the world’s most populous black nation.

Historic, sensitive

The planning and organising have been superb. The protesters spend days and nights at protest venues, with access to food, water, and medical supplies, including makeshift arrangements to power their phones.

More youth are joining the protests daily. National and global endorsements have continued to pour in for the historic protests.

All these point to one fact – Nigeria will never be the same again,…

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