Why we should regulate the social media

SIR: If we don’t do it — if we don’t even try — we will not be able to ensure the integrity of elections or the decency of the public sphere. If we don’t do it, in the long term there won’t even be a public sphere, and there won’t be functional democracies anymore, either – Anne Applebaum.

Social media has made tremendous impacts on human communication but the great threats it poses to fundamental laws and culture of society raises the question of whether it fits for purpose or not. The rising problems of fake news, misinformation, hate speech, invasion of privacy, among others give cause for concern. Time and again, the United States lawmakers have summoned the key drivers of internet technology such as Facebook and Google to address these problems. Across the globe, government is not complacent on the ‘erosion of civility’ on these platforms.

In Nigeria, the federal government is fully prepared to take the bulls by the horns as echoed in the words of the…

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