‘Why spoken word performance should be kept alive’

Performance poet and author of Nwa Chukwu, Mr. Ndukwe Onuoha has described spoken word performance as a very important tool for keeping social issues on the front burner of society, and should be kept alive by all means. He stated that poetry is a form of literature that uses ‘aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language, such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism and meter to evoke meanings.’

“I fuse a unique conversational delivery with traditional instrumentation to deliver poetry that is accessible, relatable and at once punchy. I’m an incurable ad man, and an award-winning copywriter and Creative Director of 7even Interactive, a fast-rising advertising agency in Lagos,” he said.

He noted that Nwa Chukwu: spoken word performance, was inspired by the need to start a conversation about identity. “More and more, we see many young Nigerians shirk their identity in favour of Western ideals.  So I wanted to start a conversation about identity and what it means to be…

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