Why I wanted to commit suicide – SEAN DAMPTE

By Adeniyi Adewoyin

UK-BASED Nigerian singer, Oluwaseun Oluyole, fondly called Sean Dampte in the entertainment circle, has disclosed why he contemplated suicide earlier this year.

Dampte, who has songs like ‘Energy’ and ‘Million’ made a shocking revelation about dealing with depression which graduated to suicidal thoughts.

Speaking recently about his new single which he entitled ‘Life, Money, Happiness’, he opened up to the media on what inspired the song.

“While recording this track, a lot was happening. This track means more to me than just music. This track is the essence of living!”

He said that while fans were enjoying the song, he was going through hell

“Me and my family were going through a really bad period,” he said.

“I mean, I had no roof over my head! I had no income! Everyone was calling because I was in huge debts to different individuals and even corporate organizations! Everything just seemed lost! All hope was gone! Suicide felt like an…

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