Why I chose to get married on Christmas day – Xmas bride

A newly wedded bride, Mrs Abiola Akinremi, has said that she chose to get married on Christmas day, so she could easily remember her wedding anniversary date.

Akinremi, formerly known as Abiola Adeoye, said this on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

Akinremi said that she was not good at keeping records especially numerics like pins, codes, digits, phone numbers and as such decided to get married on a significant day that could serve as a reminder.

“Although I have always known that I would get married on a day that I would easily remember; but I didn’t think it would be on Christmas day.

“Sadly, the reason is because I ordinarily don’t have a long memory span for numbers and this is not because I have a bad memory in totality; I just have issues with numbers.

“So getting married on Christmas day is a major achievement for me because I would not want to be offending my husband on our anniversary by forgetting the date,” she…

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