When the talking drum loses its tongue

By Tatalo Alamu


In keeping with the established policy of this column of according honour and respect to only those who deserve it, snooper this morning mourns the passing of the wizard of the talking drum, master percussionist and the man who gave Ebenezer “Obey” Oluremilekun Fabiyi’s excellent music its memorable traditional flavouring, Mutiu Jimoh, the Ayantoyinbo of all the ayans. The pint-sized maestro passed on last month as quietly and as unobtrusively as he lived.

But he had already drummed his way into musical immortality. It will be impossible to recall the Ebenezer Obey musical phenomenon without mentioning those who made it possible. Mutiu’s talking drum was a key component of the melodious and mellifluous medley.

Judging by his diminutive stature and boyish looks, no one would have been able to guess his real age. But the ace drummer was in his mid-seventies when he received his final marching order last January. It would appear that long before his number…

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