what you should know about social media’s impact during an infection outbreak

It is no longer news that there is an outbreak of coronavirus in China which is fast spreading to other parts of the world. The first case was reported in the Wuhan region of China on December 31, 2019, and there are currently over 28,000 confirmed cases in 24 countries; a figure which is still on the rise 37 days after the first case.

As of today, there are also a number of suspected cases in seven African countries, none of which have been confirmed, but the people have been quarantined.

Recall that in past years, African countries have also had breakouts of infections like bird flu, Lassa fever, swine flu, and Ebola which, as a matter of fact, was the first infection to reach epidemic proportions globally. Each of these infections actually dominated their timelines until they were either eradicated or contained.

If a case of coronavirus is confirmed in Africa, it would be the first time a pandemic (caused by a virus) crossed many seas to enter the continent.


But that’s not the news. There’s a need to evaluate how an important…

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