what next for the alliance of the BLM and the Democrats?


As I write these words on Friday, November 20, 2020, it is nearly two weeks since the end of the elections, but as the whole world knows, Donald Trump is yet to concede that he lost the elections. Indeed, as recently as yesterday, he gave indication that he will stick to the bitter end in his refusal, even if this leads to a fatal breakdown of the political and constitutional order of the United States. But there is no doubt that Trump is close to endgame. The clearest indication of this is the fact that he has given up his attempt to use the courts and legality itself to overturn Biden’s victory. The outlines of this post-legal strategy are still unclear but basically, it involves getting Biden’s electors to cross over to Trump’s side when the Electoral College meets on December 14, 2020. This will mean nothing less than a coup, a non-military coup whose chances of success are between zero and zero minus.  This brings to…

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