At the call of the alarm in the usual 400hrs of the morning, total sensitivity was restored and I was up; engaged in my morning prayers, checked my e-mail and organized my day, “Good to go!” I began. It was a morning flight, so, we headed for the airport.

“All passengers boarding Arikair 5N-BKW Dash 8-400 to Abuja to please proceed for boarding,” a voice echoed. We left for the aircraft, began the journey, landed safely in Abuja, The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and made our way to the scheduled meeting for the day.

I have had so much about COZA services, added my voice to the issue The Federal High Court sitting in Bwari, under Justice Oathman Musa ended. This time, I am in Abuja and it is Sunday; it is my opportunity to be LIVE in COZA. Yes, COZA! Pastored by the…

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