‘We’re coping well despite coronavirus crisis’

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Mr. Ade Sun-Basorun is Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, FoodCo Nigeria Limited, a diversified consumer goods company, based in Ibadan with network of branches in parts of Southwest, Nigeria. He speaks on how his company is responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our first commitment is to the safety of our staff and customers at this particular time. We have taken significant actions to adjust our operations to account for this. That said, we see it as a civic duty that our customers continue to count on us for continuous access to quality food, toiletries and household essentials that they have come to know us for. So far, we have been able to deliver this, while keeping our full staff strength, working and earning their full salaries. Our hope is that the working environment and the climate allows us to continue to do that. That said, we recognise that the situation is fluid and we will have to continue to evaluate both our operations and all of the…

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