We trekked for over 24 hours, beaten all the time

By Justina Asishana, Minna

The abducted passengers who regained their freedom from bandits on Sunday said that the men were beaten every day and they were threatened that if ransom was not paid, they would kill them in the bush.

They also disclosed that the bandits asked to be forgiven when they set them free.

Speaking to The Nation, one of the freed passengers, Hajiya Jumai Isa said that it was a very terrible experience as she had already given up hope of coming out alive.

“It was a terrible experience but we thank God that we are safe now. It was not easy. They have been threatening us, they beat the men- they really beat the hell out of the men. They told us they didn’t want anything from us but money. They said they want money, that we should give them money, that our people should bring money for them so that they will free us and that if not, they will kill us.”

On feeding, she said that they were served food on their hands as there was…

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