We are concerned over Sowore’s health, say family members

Damisi Ojo, Akure


Family of the embattled publisher of online ‘Sahara reporters’ Omoyele Sowore on Saturday expressed concern over the state of health of their son.

According to a statement jointly signed by Deacon S.M Omoyeni, Olusegun Sowore and Robert Sowore, the detained activist was alleged to have been injected with an unknown substance and beaten by one of the prosecuting counsel penultimates Friday.

This development, they said happened in the presence of the Department of State Security Service(DSS) inside the Federal High Courtroom, where he had been summoned for hearing of a suit.

Sowore’s family said” We are seriously worried, when this assault happened openly inside the courtroom, a court which is the last hope of the masses.

“Who knows what they might have done to him now that has been in their custody for months. Everybody can see now that President Muhammadu Buhari and the DSS wanted to kill our son”.

The aggrieved Sowore’s family appealed to all…

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