Vee says Dorathy picks on Housemates for fun

By Gbenga Bada

23-year-old Vee has expressed seething anger towards Dorathy after spending 23 days in the BBNaija Lockdown House.

Speaking with Neo, Vee said Dorathy picked on Brighto and Nengi and  wants to pick on her.

The London returnee further said she cannot be picked on because she has the same character as Dorathy.

The singer took on 24-year-old Dorathy over her comments and giggles during their Tuesday night game sponsored by Guinness Smooth.

During the game, while Vee was blindfolded and kicking the ball to the net, some Housemates made remarks while others laughed and she did not take it lightly.

When the comments continued, Vee announced that she needed silence saying, ‘I need silence. Do not say a freaking word.’

After Vee managed to finish her turn, she immediately looked at other Housemates and shouted, ‘Whoever was laughing in that group, I swear to God, do not speak to me ever again! Do you know how disheartening that thing was?”

After the session, Vee…

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