Untold woes of 300 inmates liberated from Ibadan torture centre

A rude shock enveloped Ibadan and its environs when it was discovered last week that a popular religious group with a record of same crime was serving as an undercover for torture, crime and criminalities in the city. YINKA ADENIRAN captures the plight of the victims of the inglorious act

Skinny, bony, unkempt or malnourished; any adjective depicting torture or inhuman treatment will suit the 300 people rescued from an illegal detention centre discovered by men of the Oyo State Police Command in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, penultimate Monday.

What got everyone talking about the discovery was not just the large number of the rescued inmates but the location of the purported ‘correctional facility’ and its antecedents. Christened Olore Facility, the huge Central Mosque in the middle of the sprawling buildings in the popular Ojoo axis of the state could not have been imagined to harbour such a human cage in this age and time.

Although, there are many residential houses surrounding the central mosque, no single individual interviewed could imagine that such a horrific temple existed right in their neighbourhood. The greatest shocker of the discovery was that such inhuman and uncivilised treatment could be unleashed on youths in their prime at such an open environment within the capital city.

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