UK Brexit laws to be put before parliament Friday

The laws needed to enact Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) will be put before parliament on Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman has said.

The spokesman said that the bill would aim to put the terms of the deal agreed between Johnson and the EU into law, and that the government was confident of going on to secure a long term free trade agreement with the bloc.

Johnson secured an emphatic victory in the UK election held on Thursday, with the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party winning a majority of seats in Parliament and a mandate to fulfill its campaign pledge of “Getting Brexit Done.”

The Conservatives held 364, well over the number needed to guarantee it will form a majority government.
The results showed the opposition Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn capturing just 203 seats, compared to 262 in 2017.

Corbyn said that he would not lead the party in the next election given the “very disappointing” results, the BBC said.

The result suggests that…

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