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Good day,

Múyìwá Mátùlúkò here.

Today we are discussing

  • Uber’s unfavourable UK ruling and what it could mean for the wider gig economy.
  • WhatsApp going on with privacy policy ultimatum.
  • Syndicate by CcHUB launch and what happened to the Growth Capital fund?

Uber and the wider gig economy

Last Friday, the UK Supreme Court ruled against Uber to conclude a half-decade legal battle between the ride-hailing company and 25 drivers on its platform.

According to presiding judge George Leggatt, Uber drivers are considered workers, not independent contractors as Uber’s business model dictates. Hence, they are entitled to minimum hourly wage, paid vacations and other legal benefits.


Uber has battled similar challengesacross the world. Ranging from coordinated driver strikes – both within and outside Africa – to similar court rulings in its…

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