“Transportation is beyond moving people and goods” — Celestine Ezeokoye, CEO transportation-as-a-service startup, WeMove

Transportation is a basic need. Whatever happens, people will move or move goods. But beyond just moving people over short distances, there is more to transportation.

To understand the different components, we had a chat with Celestine Ezeokoye, CEO of WeMove who has a broader perspective on transportation as we know it and what the industry is like in Nigeria.

What’s your view on transportation?

Transportation is simply about moving people and goods. Movement of goods is what is referred to as haulage, and at WeMove we’re not just thinking about haulage, but all the aspects of transportation and the industries it affects by transportation.

You might be wondering what I mean when I say “industries”, considering that transportation is an industry on its own.


Celestine Ezeokoye, CEO of WeMove

Being a basic need, transportation cuts across multiple use-cases and I like to refer to these use-cases as industries. These industries include the obvious ones like taxi services, haulage and delivery services, bus shuttles, etc.

There are…

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