Top Nigerians in ‘support’, ‘against’ the bill

Alao Abiodun

For the past few weeks, the social media bill, titled; ‘Protection from internet falsehood and manipulations bill’ as sponsored by Sen. Mohammed Sani Musa, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, representing Niger East Senatorial District has been a subject of discourse. ALAO ABIODUN writes

The controversial social media bill has generated heated debate since it scaled second reading on the floor of the red chamber and so many top Nigerians especially those who are perceived as top personalities in the society have expressed their stands on the issue.

There are two sides to the coin in this proposed bid to regulate the social media — While we have those who have thrown their weight in support of the bill, we also have those have condemned the bill and have come against the bill publicly.

Those in support of the bill are of the opinion that it is necessary to curb and stem the tide of fake news which is doing more harm than good to the…

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