TLcom’s TIDE Africa Fund secures an additional $31 million, looking to invest in more pan-African startups

Africa-focused venture capital firm, TLcom, has secured an additional $31 million for its TIDE Africa Fund, bringing its sub-Saharan Africa-focused fund to $71million.

This latest investment round has attracted international interest, with TLcom confirming participation from the UK based CDC, which injected $15 million into the fund last month, IFC as well as South Africa’s Sango Capital and Belgium’s BIO.

Speaking on the new investments in its TIDE Africa Fund, Maurizio Caio, Nairobi based Founder and Managing Partner at TLcom says, “We are excited to bring on board new strategic institutional investors, such as CDC, IFC, Sango Capital and BIO into the fund that share this view.

“Attracting international investment from such renowned backers into the African VC space reflects the recognition of the work the TLcom team has already achieved in connecting some of the continent’s strongest entrepreneurs with the capital they need to scale.”


Since its first close in 2017, the fund has invested in six companies — Andela,…

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