Tinubu congratulates Bello, Lyon

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on Monday congratulated Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello for his reelection and Mr. David Lyon for his victory in the Bayelsa governorship election.

The former Lagos State governor also congratulated APC National Chairman, Kogi and Bayelsa State Chairmen and other leaders in the two states on the twin-victory.

He said in a statement by his media office that “the outcome of these elections shows that the people believe in the direction that President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC wish to take this nation. The electorate has faith in the progressive reforms our party envisions.

“Their victories stand as a testament to the growing acceptance of our party, the quality of our leadership and governance and the credibility of our promise to lead the people and the nation to the Next Level. It shows that people have no appetite to return to the failed policies and practices of the past.

“David Lyon’s election represents a significant shift in the politics of Bayelsa State. By voting APC, the people of Bayelsa have voted for progressive reform and express their belief that David Lyon is the man to deliver the needed and desired reform. With this victory, Governor-elect Lyon’s task is to justify the people’s faith by providing a purposeful and transformational administration.

“Bayelsa is endowed with significant natural resources and human capital. It will be incumbent on the Governor-elect to harness these assets for the good of all Bayelsans.

“He must carry along all disparate interests in the state and be magnanimous in victory. Let him reach out to the political opponents who mounted a spirited and energetic campaign. They too must be gracious in defeat. The governor must be a leader for all and work for all Bayelsans irrespective of party affiliation.

“For Governor Bello, the people of Kogi have handed him a second term. Their vote is proof of the confidence that the people of Kogi retain in his leadership. He must now re-double his efforts to do even more for the people in his second term.

“The governor must focus on the development of the state as he is the person, more than anyone else, who will determine the fate of Kogi.

“He must do all he can to realise the potential of the state. He must take advantage of the state’s agricultural richness as well as its proximity to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and the commerce resulting from that closeness.

“I urge the opposition candidates and politicians in Kogi and Bayelsa to rally round their governors and work together in the interests of their two states.

“I condemn the scattered incidents of violence witnessed in the election in some parts of Kogi State. The election should celebrate our democratic existence. Never should an election be occasioned by the loss of life.

“We sympathise with the victims and commiserate with the families of those who lost their lives. I enjoin law-enforcement authorities to identify those responsible for perpetrating the violence and levy the full force of the law against them. Violent behavior must not be allowed to impede our path to greatness as a democratic nation.

“I also commend all INEC officials involved for conducting fair, free and credible elections. Their task is never easy.  They deserve praise for overseeing well-organised elections.

“Above all, I commend the people of Kogi and Bayelsa who came out to perform their civic duty and express their sovereign will in a clear and decisive manner. They have done their part; the two governors must now do theirs by providing good leadership and progressive governance to their people.”

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