This Nigerian edtech startup, Traindemy, targets youths as it provides an online-offline blend of vocational training

All through the years of working as a banker, blogger, and co-founder of a startup, what stuck most with Vincent Edigin was his photography and video recording business. So it was not surprising he had an epiphany during one of his photography jobs.

While recording a video that a producer of shoes with Ankara prints planned to send to a student living far away, he had an idea, which he went all out to turn into a business. And that marked the birth of Traindemy, an edtech platform for learning vocational skills.

Sometime in 2014, the Nigerian government ordered that entrepreneurship studies should be made compulsory in all tertiary institutions. This was mainly aimed at reducing unemployment among youths and encouraging self-reliance after undergraduate studies.

Being in a clime where employment is not guaranteed, a viable alternative should be put in place. Considering this, the directive was quite understandable. Although there already exists specialised schools — technical schools and polytechnics — where similar skills are learned, Traindemy brings…

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