This Lagos-based startup is making it easier for people to plan events

Wouldn’t you love the satisfaction of a perfectly organised event? To be responsible for all the “you try oh” and other words of commendation from guests as your event runs smoothly?

Event planning can almost be said to be an art requiring a significant amount of effort, money, and time for it to succeed.

One with a major role in Nigerian cultures is weddings. A million-dollar industry as reported by CNN, the average Nigerian wedding can cost more than $10,000 with some having up to a thousand guests.

Behind the scenes is meticulous planning that includes plenty waka — shopping for items, arranging for caterers, sending invites, looking for hair stylists, etc.


However, this isn’t just peculiar to weddings as other events like birthdays and parties can be as tedious.

For anyone who has to go through the rigorous activity of planning an event — first-time planner or not —  Planit wants to make the process easy.

The Lagos-based startup was founded by Timothy Nkenu and Ugochukwu Nneji in June 2018 to ease the stress that…

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