This Cloth Is Inviting Demons

Nollywood Actress, Rosy Meurer has been under massive heat following ‘pantless’ photos of her that surfaced on the internet over the week.

The lead actress in the movie, ‘Merry Men: Yoruba Demons’, had shared some photos of herself at the award and in no time incurred massive backlash.

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A social media user commented writing; “Her body worked hard for the award. More advert lady I hope you find customers.”

Another wrote; “Oluchi Okanumee: Nawaaaaa oooo, this cloth is just inviting demon, and when it comes don’t run.”

Chinnybliss Chukwu: This girl no carry her body dey do anything again. Just look at what she’s wearing.

Osita Anyanwu: I see we are heading to a generation were been naked is the order of the day. Old woman like this half naked on stage.


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