The wrongful dismissal of the single term proposal



In form, the fear that amending the 1999 constitution to allow for a single term of six years for the president and governors will fuel speculations over tenure elongation for President Muhammadu Buhari appears genuine but it is both escapist and defeatist in essence.

The law makers who came up with that point during the recent debate on the matter in the House of Representatives inadvertently gave the impression that Nigerians have been so subdued and indeed so terrified that they are no longer able to discern between ideas that can move the nation forward and those that would do otherwise.

Some earlier commentators have described the rejection of a bill to that effect – sponsored by Hon. John Dyegh – as the proverbial throwaway of the baby with the bath water but that analogy is, in my thinking, grossly inadequate to situate the implications of the hasty rejection of the bill by the entire House. Apart from that the law makers showed lack of rigour, the…

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