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SENATE President Ahmad Lawan again spoke the mind of most Nigerians when, at the opening of a one-day Senate Roundtable Discussion on Addressing Nigeria’s Power Problems in Abuja, last week, he called for a review of the exercise that produced the current set of players in the power sector. Describing the process as fraudulent, he says of prospects: “if we play the ostrich, even in the next 10 years, we will still be talking about this problem.”

According to him: “Some people signed very scandalous agreements on behalf of government. People will take hundreds of millions for nothing. I think time has come to take major decisions on what we need to do with those agreements”.

Calling for a “declaration of emergency”, as according to him, the Federal Government, as indeed most Nigerians, “all know what went wrong”, he says “what we really need to do is to have the political will to take on the challenges”.

“I think the time has come for us to have courage”,…

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