The Undiscerning Blanket Condemnation of Carbohydrate Foods, By Mukaila Kareem

…carb haters, please understand that the source matters, and try to distinguish between processed carbohydrates and starch because they are not the same. Glucose derived from digested starch is literally a nutrient of life, but this cannot be said about glucose ingested from the chronic consumption of soda drinks, fruit juices, cakes, cookies, desserts and other processed foods.

As one who had his early life in a typical African village but is now resident in the United States, I continue to consider myself an outsider, with a unique perspective, as I watch unnecessary fierce debates between low carb, high fat and high fat, low carb dieters on social media. In my experience, there was food in the village but admittedly not in abundance to necessitate bickering on silly arguments of the superiority of one food over the other. If we agree that our human ancestors were simultaneously hunters and gatherers before more sophisticated agriculture came into practice, it therefore meant that there was no distinction between hunting for dietary fats and gathering tubers/fruits for carbohydrate sources. Even now, the Hadza tribe, the often cited present-day hunters…

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