The sad story of Mary Daniel

By Bola Babarinde

SIR: It is not an uncommon sight to see Nigerians with disability both male and female trying to eke a living from hawking items on our dangerous roads. Due to their physical disability most of the goods they hawk are often light-weight items such as sweets, handkerchiefs and so on.

However, the condition of Mary Daniel, a 27-year-old amputee hawker with one-leg choosing to sell water in the ever busy and dangerous Lagos traffic cuts an even more pathetic sight. Her physical disability, the condition in which she is trying to survive and her sad background story have evoked an outpouring of sympathy and help from Nigerians all over the world.

Nigerians in general are a kind-hearted people, however it is unfortunate that the nation finds itself in the current state it is in because of the wickedness of the leaders Nigeria has had who prefer to squander and greedily steal the country blind to the detriment of the citizens.


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