The President and The First Lady, 30 years after and a family to match.

In a few short weeks I will be celebrating my own wedding anniversary, so permit me to speak with some authority albeit measured, on why we all need to celebrate our first couple.

We all know that very early on President Buhari stood out in a crowd. His own track record and antecedents are very well documented in very public records. But Aisha was no shrinking willow either. Born into a respectable family, she was the granddaughter of Nigeria’s first Minister of Defence. It explains her quiet, steady backbone.

They have lived together in love for thirty good years. They weathered family storms together for a good thirty years and counting. They were together during the tedious years of traversing the whole of Nigeria, seeking for today and yesterday’s mandate from Nigerians to preside over our affairs.

They were together when many disappointing judgements denying Buhari Nigerian’s mandate to be President were given. They were together when after thunder came rain and they…

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