The New Year resolution fad

By Godstime Ukah


SIR: Over the years, we have taken it up as a norm in various parts of the world to dig up and draft out both what we want and what we don’t, our goals and target for a new year.

This is termed, “new year resolution”. This is often penned down or verbally expressed before the new year. Some persons even submit a copy of their resolution to their clergy.

Just like having a dream is nothing without pursuit, a new year resolution is absolutely nothing if not worked on. People have been deceived to believe that having a resolution is what makes the year special.

Your year will remain the same if you do not go beyond just setting goals and writing down new year resolutions. There would not be any difference between this year and the next.

It is the same night and day and 24 hours per day. The only difference would be what you do with the year.

However, the results can be different if you consider the three tips below for a better year.

First, build a stronger…

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