The Making of a Media Guru

It is a thing of joy to write this foreword to a collection of newspaper articles written by one of Nigeria’s finest and most accomplished journalists. Titled, Media On My Mind and subtitled, Ethics, Governance and Other issues, 2009-2017, it is a compilation of columns written by Lanre Idowu for the highbrow but sadly defunct Next newspaper and other interventions in national affairs around the period so delineated.

To many within and outside his field, Lanre Idowu is an enigma wrapped inside a conundrum: A man whose name is better known than his person. Yet despite his quiet self-effacement, his public school boy good manners, there can be no doubt that he is worth his weight in gold.

Rare in our contemporary world is the person who succeeds in practising what he preaches and preaching what he practices. Rarer still in contemporary journalism is the person who has excelled in both the practice and precept of the trade.  Idowu has made a name and a huge reputation for himself…

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