The lies of war

For powerful nations, particularly the United States, modern war is first fought on the mind, for control of the mind. Only then does it move to the ground to destroy the animate beings and inanimate objects that stand in its way before it confiscates the spoils of its successful exertion.

War is everywhere seen as mortal combat of body against opposing body. In reality, war is a contest of mind and spirit. One side tries to mold world opinion and the mind of its people so that they believe the resort to arms is in the cause of justice. Once it has shaped the minds of friends and onlookers, the attacker turns to break the will and mind of the adversary it has chosen. This task is made easier if the targeted nation is riven by political divisions to the extent that a portion of its population will abet the aggressor.


April 2018. The war to oust the Assad government was not going particularly well. The actual number of Syrians fighting against Assad was but a tiny…

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