The joy of the birds, bees and flowers

When social, political and domestic violence congregate to batter the woman, the strength of the nation is weakened and severely compromised.

Dear reader, we have always tried to draw attention to the fact that women too are entitled to a life well lived. This means that women should be helped to be free of the abnormal burden of carrying the home, children, husband and societies’ responsibilities. Did the men take any notice of this whining? No sir, not so much as a grunt. Nevertheless, we must plod on, for the world set aside November 25 as the day for the elimination of violence against women. For, sometimes, it does appear to me that the world has taken violence against women so much for granted it has become part of the (ab)normal run of things.

Take the streets for instance. On the streets, the women are open to all kinds of abuses – from men, sun, rain, stars, and all. The men rape them; the sun beats down on them; the rain drenches them; and the stars … Oh yes, the…

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