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Dele Adeoluwa


POWER is delusive. It gives the holder a false sense of invincibility. It is also a fleeting adventure. While it lasts, you are akin to the nectar of a bloom; people of all shades will court you, just like the nectar magnetises the butterfly.

While it lasts, you are the best to have happened to the leeches who ‘eat’ at your whim. But when power bears its fangs, shows you its fiendish side and you descend from the pinnacle of attention, the same people will be the first to dump you like the butt of a spent cigarette and nimble to the next port of power. That is the blight of power that holders ignore to their peril.

The contest for political power in our clime is fierce; it is big business because in a highly impoverished environment like ours, government itself is big business.

For many political gladiators, it is more about dispensing patronage and pillaging the commonwealth than of service to the fatherland.

It’s more about rapacious tendencies. It’s about…

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