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Festus ERIYE


WHAT is it about the novel coronavirus that makes it shameful? Many who come down with it prefer denial – except overwhelmed by symptoms. Some get tested but list fake phone numbers and addresses so they can’t be traced!

I was told of two families who virtually went to war after an individual who knew a neighbour was exhibiting obvious COVID-19 symptoms, secretly called NCDC and gave them an address where the sick man could be found.

After he was evacuated, his family traced the whistleblower and a full scale physical confrontation ensued. Why did he call NCDC they wanted to know? They didn’t care whether his action was a humanitarian gesture that saved others in the block of flats from being infected. They were instead angry he had exposed a family secret that was better hidden!

Stigma is a major factor fuelling the spread of the virus as more infected persons hide their status as though they have leprosy.

It’s even worse when infection becomes fatal….

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