Succession, meddling and politics – The Nation Newspaper

Dayo Sobowale


THE  news  that the incumbent Nigerian President  Muhammadu Buhari   has  no plans for a third term may  surprise the international  community but it  certainly came as no surprise to Nigerians. This  is largely  due to the president’s character   and image as a man of integrity who  will not tamper with our constitution that prescribes two terms for any elected government.  Surely,  as some   have inferred,     it  has nothing to do with lessons learnt from  the aborted third term bid  of one of his predecessors. Compare  that with what  is going on in the US where  the incumbent President Donald Trump  started campaigning for the 2020   election to succeed  himself  a day   after he was sworn in in 2016.  While in the Nigerian…

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