Stop Sexualizing Your Children By Making Them Wear Bum Shorts

Oliver Praise


A Nigerian gospel musician, Oliver Praise has warned parents to stop sexualizing their children by making them wear bum shorts.


According to him, putting certain kind of clothes on children and other practices meant for adults would mean exposing them to danger.


He tweeted:


“Allow children to be children mothers. Most of you are sexualizing these children with indecent dressings and exposing them to danger. There is nothing hot about a 7 year old baby girl with a bum short as short as a mere pant on a crop top showing her stomach, With a pair of sneakers. As if that was not enough, you will force a 16inch wig on her head and she’ll carry it and be looking like sango priestess. You want her to steal the show right? There! You got it! She will end up attracting so much attention that is so uncalled for.

“Children are naturally adorable. Dress her like her age and she’ll be sweet and appreciated. It doesn’t end in dressing, some of you go as far as bleaching their innocent fragile and tender skin. If you wanted oyibo you would have married oyibo. Allow children be the children.

“They are. Allow them enjoy their childhood with their innocence intact. Stop forcing adulthood on them. Stop using these children as an expression of who you are. When they grow up and continue on your footsteps, hope you won’t complain?”.


See his tweet below

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