‘Stop ethnic politics’ – The Nation Newspaper

Politicians have been urged to stop playing ethnic cards and learn from 1994 Rwanda experience where over a million people were massacred during the genocide in the country.

An evangelist, Reverend Esther Abimbola Ajayi who spoke at Kigali Genocide Memorial Arcade in Rwanda said, “Twenty five years after genocide, I can still feel the impact among the people. The memory is still fresh and their tears are yet to dry. I pray such heinous crime against humanity would never happen again in Africa, especially in Nigeria.

“We must continue to pray for Nigeria for peace to reign. Our religious and political leaders must preach love and peace at all times and we must be our brother’s keepers.”

She observed “The good thing I see in Rwanda is the good spirit to forgive and march on. Though they didn’t forget the incident and that made them to resolve that never again would they allow anybody to divide them. No more Hutus or Tutsi but they see themselves as Rwandans. This should…

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