Steps to save Kano from industrial wastes

The state of the environment in Kano, the Kano State capital, has led to  drastic steps to save it, writes CHINAKA OKORO

As an ancient and traditional capital of Northern Nigeria, Kano City is phenomenal in trade and commerce. It is also a blend of old and new. However, it is blighted by the seeming loss of many opportunities.

The sprawling city, which is home to large migrants from within and outside Nigeria, has suffered from avoidable environmental degradation, especially from uncontrolled discharge of effluents from tanneries.

For many years, thick, coloured and stinking water is continuously channeled into open drains, which in turn seep into bodies of water and contaminate underground water and air. These have become sources of concern for the health of citizens and the environment.

Kano has the highest number of tanneries and considerable number of textile industries in the country and these are the major polluters of the environment. The effluents discharged from these…

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