Soku oil wells: An endless controversy

The controversy over ownership of Soku Oil Wells festered for so long until recently when a Federal High Court ordered that the oil wells be returned to Rivers State instead of Bayelsa State that has been enjoying proceeds from the oil wells. But Bayelsa State says it will fight on toreverse the situation,  writes MIKE ODIEGWU.

Between Bayelsa and Rivers states, who owns Soku Oil Wells? In resolving the conflict of ownership, stakeholders believe that it is pertinent to first determine the ideal location of Soku in the administrative map. Is Soku located in Oluasiri, a community in Nembe Local Government Area or is it situated in Kalabari, a kingdom in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area in Rivers State?

Bayelsa’s claim of ownership stemmed from the 11th edition of the country’s administrative map. The map, which was published by the National Boundary Commission (NBC) and the Federal Surveyor-General’s Office in 2000, located the boundary between Rivers and Bayelsa states at…

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