Simon Imobo-Tswam: Ortom taking his place in the hall of fame

When Samuel Ioraer “Ukeaernyi” Ortom took office as the executive governor of Benue state in 2015, he had no desire to be anything than a governor i.e. Do his best in terms of promise-keeping, and if he persuaded himself that he had done a job deserving of tenure elongation, seek a second term. But none of can tell what is in the womb of time, and so none of us can predict what tomorrow may bring to/for us or what destiny may have in store for us.

Today, Gov. Ortom is a second-term governor, but more than this, he has become the champion of Nigeria’s democracy, the one-man bulwark against oligarchic forces and the “Defender of the Benue Valley.” He is also now being called Nigeria’s voice of reason, the mobilizer of democratic forces and the voice of the…

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