Seven ways to educate, entertain your kids during COVID-19 lockdown

By Praise Olowe


With the closedown of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for parents and guardians to continually educate and entertain their children.

From crafts to online learning resources, parents will need a variety of tricks to ensure that kids are engaged.

The list below would help to keep them entertained and learning:

Make a schedule

The first thing to do is to draw out a plan for the kids. Stick to the usual school hours of 8am to 3 pm. Insist on a daily outdoor recess routine that mirrors school.


The importance of homeschooling cannot be overemphasised. Parents should go through their children’s book and Give them worksheet or assignments to do.

Minimise the screen time

Parents will be strongly tempted to stick their kids in front of screens for multiple hours a day, just to get busy with their personal things.

This is not healthy or is it fair to kids. It will be reasonable to allow them have an hour a day but only after…

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