Setting a solid foundation for your home (4)

With Pastor Faith Oyedepo


Dear Reader,

You are welcome to the last segment of this teaching for the month. I believe the previous teachings have not only been a blessing to you, but to your family as well.

It is my prayer that your spiritual life will be engraced to be more effective and you will gain more command by this, in Jesus’ name!

A successful marriage requires commitment to one’s spouse. No amount of prayer, fasting, and “sleeping” in church can take the place of commitment in marriage.

Marriage is not a temporary arrangement, but a lifelong commitment.  If this is true, you may wonder why the divorce rate is so high, even among Christians.  The reason is that many couples are not committed to each other.

Commitment is the framework on which a marriage is built. A man and his wife must, therefore, be totally committed to each other spiritually, physically, emotionally and otherwise, and this will in turn bring security.

A successful marriage must be…

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